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Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty is the second major game in the Metal Gear Solid series. It was originally released for the PlayStation 2, and was later ported to Windows.

File Formats


Stage Name
Menu Stages
select Dev Menu
n_title Menu Screen
mselect VR Missions Menu
tales Snake Tales Menu
Tanker Stages
w00a Alt Deck
w00b Navigational Deck (Olga Fight)
w00c Navigational Deck (After Olga Fight)
w01a Deck A,Crew's quarters
w01b Deck A,crew's quarters,starboard
w01c Deck C,crew's quarters
w01d Deck D,crew's quarters
w01e Deck E,the bridge
w01f Deck A,crew's lounge
w02a Engine Room
w03a Deck-2,port
w03b Deck-2,starboard
w04a Hold N. 1
w04b Hold N. 2
w04c Hold N. 3
d00t Tanker Opening (Cutscene)
d01t Russians Invade the Tanker (Cutscene)
d04t Snake sees Russian Choppers (Cutscene)
d05t Snake Sneaks on Olga/Olga Defeated (Cutscene)
d10t Cutscene 5
d11t Cutscene 6
d12t Cutscene 7
d12t3 Cutscene 8
d12t4 Cutscene 9
d12t4 Cutscene 10
d13t Cutscene 11
d14t Cutscene 12
Plant Stages
museum Plant Beggining Message
w11a Strut A Sea Dock
w11b Strut A Sea Dock (Bomb disposal)
w11c Strut A Sea Dock (Fortune Fight)
w12a Strut A Roof
w12c Strut A Roof (Last Bomb)
W12b Strut A Pump room
W13a AB Connecting bridge
w13b AB Connecting bridge (With Sensor B)
W14a Strut B Transformer Room
w15a BC Connecting bridge
w15b BC Connecting bridge (After Stillman cutscene)
w16a Strut C Dining Hall
w16b Strut C Dining Hall (after 'd014p01')
w17a CD Connecting bridge
w18a Strut D Sediment Pool
w19a DE Connecting bridge
w20a Strut E Parcel room, 1F
w20b Strut E Heliport
w20c Strut E Heliport (last bomb)
w20d Strut E Heliport (After ninja cutscene)
w21a EF Connecting bridge
w22a Strut F Warehouse
w23b FA Connecting bridge
w24a Shell 1 Core
w24b Shell 1 Core B1
w24d Shell 1 Core B2,Computer's Room
w24c Shell 1 B1 Hall,Hostages Room
w25a Shell 1,2 Connecting Bridge
w25b Shell 1,2 Connecting Bridge (Destroyed)
w25c Strut L perimeter
w25d KL Connecting Bridge
w28a Strut L Sewage Treatment Facility
w31a Shell 2 Core,1F Air Purification Room
webdemo Website Cutscene
w31b Shell 2 Core,B1 Filtration Chamber NO1
w31c Shell 2 Core,B1 Filtration Chamber NO2 (Vamp Fight)
w31d Shell 2 Core,1F Air Purification Room (w/emma)
w32a Strut L Oil Fence
w32b Strut L Oil Fence (Vamp Fight)
w41a Arsenal Gear-Stomach
w42a Arsenal Gear-Jujenum
w43a Arsenal Gear-Ascending Colon
w44a Arsenal Gear-Ileum
w45a Arsenal Gear-Sigmoid Colon
w46a Arsenal Gear-Rectum
w51a Arsenal Gear (After Ray Battle)
w61a Federal Hall
ending Rank Screen
d001p01 Plant Opening (Cutscene)
d001p02 Strut A Sea Dock (Cutscenes)
d005p01 Raiden goes on the elevator (Cutscene)
d005p03 Strut A Roof (Cutscene)
d010p01 Raiden meets vamp (Cutscene)
d012p01 Seal Team Ten VS Fortune (Cutscene)
d014p01 Raiden Finds Stillman (Cutscene)
d021p01 Raiden VS Fatman/First Meeting with Ninja (Cutscene)
d036p03 Hostages (Cutscene)
d036p05 Shell 1 Core (Cutscene)
VR MISSIONS (Alternate/Snake Tales)
a00a Alt Deck
a00b Navigational Deck (Meryl Fight)
a00c Navigational Deck (After Meryl Fight UNUSED)
a01a Deck A,Crew's quarters
a01b Deck A,crew's quarters,starboard
a01c Deck C,crew's quarters
a01d Deck D,crew's quarters
a01e Deck E,the bridge
a01f Deck A,crew's lounge
a02a Engine Room
a03a Deck-2,port
a03b Deck-2,starboard
a04a Hold N. 1
a04b Hold N. 2
a04c Hold N. 3
a11a Strut A Sea Dock
a11b Strut A Sea Dock (Bomb disposal)
a11c Strut A Sea Dock (Fortune Fight)
a12a Strut A Roof
a12c Strut A Roof (Last Bomb)
a12b Strut A Pump room
a13a AB Connecting bridge
a13b AB Connecting bridge (With Sensor B)
a14a Strut B Transformer Room
a15a BC Connecting bridge
a15b BC Connecting bridge (After Stillman cutscene)
a16a Strut C Dining Hall
a16b Strut C Dining Hall (after 'd014p01')
a17a CD Connecting bridge
a18a Strut D Sediment Pool
a19a DE Connecting bridge
a20a Strut E Parcel room, 1F
a20b Strut E Heliport
a20c Strut E Heliport (last bomb)
a20d Strut E Heliport (After ninja cutscene)
a21a EF Connecting bridge
a22a Strut F Warehouse
a23b FA Connecting bridge
a24a Shell 1 Core
a24b Shell 1 Core B1
a24d Shell 1 Core B2,Computer's Room
a24c Shell 1 B1 Hall,Hostages Room
a25a Shell 1,2 Connecting Bridge
a25b Shell 1,2 Connecting Bridge (Destroyed)
a25c Strut L perimeter
a25d KL Connecting Bridge
a28a Strut L Sewage Treatment Facility
a31a Shell 2 Core,1F Air Purification Room
a31b Shell 2 Core,B1 Filtration Chamber NO1
a31c Shell 2 Core,B1 Filtration Chamber NO2 (Vamp Fight)
a31d Shell 2 Core,1F Air Purification Room (w/emma)
a32a Strut L Oil Fence
a32b Strut L Oil Fence (Vamp Fight)
a41a Arsenal Gear-Stomach
a42a Arsenal Gear-Jujenum
a43a Arsenal Gear-Ascending Colon
a44a Arsenal Gear-Ileum
a45a Arsenal Gear-Sigmoid Colon
a46a Arsenal Gear-Rectum
a51a Arsenal Gear (After Ray Battle)
a61a Federal Hall
VR MISSIONS(Sneaking/Eliminate All)
vs01a Stage One
vs02a Stage Two
vs03a Stage Three
vs04a Stage Four
vs05a Stage Five
vs06A Stage Six
vs07a Stage Seven
vs08a Stage Eight
vs09A Stage Nine
vs10A Stage Ten
sp01a Stage One
sp02a Stage Two
sp03a Stage Three
sp04a Stage Four
sp05a Stage Five
sp06a Stage Six
sp07a Stage Seven
sp08a Stage Eight
VR MISSIONS(Streaking Mode)
st02a Stage One
st03a Stage Two
st04a Stage Three
st05a Stage Four
VR MISSIONS(First Person Mode)
sp21 Stage One
sp22 Stage Two
sp23 Stage Three
sp24 Stage Four
sp25 Stage Five
VR MISSIONS(Weapons Mode)
wp01a Stage One(USP/SOCOM)
wp02a Stage Two(USP/SOCOM)
wp03a Stage Three(USP/SOCOM)
wp04a Stage Four(USP/SOCOM)
wp05a Stage Five(USP/SOCOM)
wp11a Stage One(M4/AK74U)
wp12a Stage Two(M4/AK74U)
wp13a Stage Three(M4/AK74U)
wp14a Stage Four(M4/AK74U)
wp15a Stage Five(M4/AK74U)
wp21a Stage One(C4/CLAYMORE)
wp22a Stage Two(C4/CLAYMORE)
wp23a Stage Three(C4/CLAYMORE)
wp24a Stage Four(C4/CLAYMORE)
wp25a Stage Five(C4/CLAYMORE)
wp31a Stage One(GRENADE)
wp32a Stage Two(GRENADE)
wp33a Stage Three(GRENADE)
wp34a Stage Four(GRENADE)
wp35a Stage Five(GRENADE)
wp41a Stage One(PSG-1)
wp42a Stage Two(PSG-1)
wp43a Stage Three(PSG-1)
wp44a Stage Four(PSG-1)
wp45a Stage Five(PSG-1)
wp51a Stage One(STINGER)
wp52a Stage Two(STINGER)
wp53a Stage Three(STINGER)
wp54a Stage Four(STINGER)
wp55a Stage Five(STINGER)
wp61a Stage One(NIKITA)
wp62a Stage Two(NIKITA)
wp63a Stage Three(NIKITA)
wp64a Stage Four(NIKITA)
wp65a Stage Five(NIKITA)
wp71a Stage One(NO WEAPON/HF.BLADE)
wp72a Stage Two(NO WEAPON/HF.BLADE)
wp73a Stage Three(NO WEAPON/HF.BLADE)
wp74a Stage Four(NO WEAPON/HF.BLADE)
wp75a Stage Five(NO WEAPON/HF.BLADE)

Game stats/clear code

game clear

MGS2: Store final stats.   (WIP, there's more data in the clear code... dogtag count?, etc)

Game Platform: PS2, XBOX, PC (0x02)
(*(0118ADC0 + 2) >> 10 ) & 3

Game Region: US, EUR, ASIA?
(*(0118ADC0 + 2) >> 12 ) & 7

t_p: (Tanker|0x1801, Plant|1802,  
	mv ax, 0x0118ADC0+0x158A
	ax & 3
	if(ax == 3) {
		t_p = 0x01
	else {
		t_p = 0x00

level: (word)(10|VE, 20|E, 30|N, 40|H, 50|EX, 60|E-EX)
	mov eax, 0x0118ADC0+0x10
	cmp eax, 0x3c (6)
	if (level == 60) {
		store_level = 50; (I guess it ignores E-EX??)
	else {
		store_level = level;  

radoff: (type1|0x2000, type2|0x2000, off|0x00)
	mv cx, 0x0118ADC0+0x1596
	if((cx & 0x2000) != 0) {
		radoff = 0x00		//used radar
	else {
		radoff = 0x01		//radar off

alert: (word)
	mv eax, 0x0118ADC0+0x142
	alert = eax

Kill: (word)
	mv eax, 0x0118ADC0+0x144
	kill = eax

ration: (word)
	mv eax, 0x0118ADC0+0x1590
	ration = eax

	pending... seems to add 3540 frames to count (59 seconds), then divices it by 60, then 60 again... not sure.

conti: (word)
	mv eax, 0x0118ADC0+0x132
	conti = eax

	mv eax, 0x0118ADC0+0x136
	save = eax
s_item: (value | 0x120;0x1120)
	mv cl, 0x0118ADC0+0x1596
	if (cl == 0x20){
		s_item = 0x01
	else {
		s_item = 0x00

shoot: (word)
	mv eax, 0x0118ADC0+0x140
	shoot = eax

damage: (word)
	mv eax, 0x0118ADC0+0x146
	mv ecx, 0x0118ADC0+0x0FC
	add eax, 0x32
	damage = eax/ecx
m_kill: (word)
	mv eax, 0x0118ADC0+0x158

sea: (word)
	if( cmp 0x0118ADC0+0x158C, 0 ) {
		sea = 0x01
	else {
		sea = 0x00
clearing: (word)
	mv eax, 0x0118ADC0+0x1592
	clearing = eax

vr missions

Game Platform: PS2, XBOX, PC (0x02)
(*(0118ADC0 + 2) >> 10 ) & 3

Game Region: US, EUR, ASIA?
(*(0118ADC0 + 2) >> 12 ) & 7

No Kill
Ammo bonus?
Total Score